how to tie a tie
Basically, they're how to books, for men (like by brothers) who struggle with tying a tie. Each book is unique, like the knot it illustrates.
How to Tie a Tie
a set of books, created to help men, of all ages learn how to tie a tie.
Created in the Fall of 2009 at Ball State University.

The books are printed front and back, on an 11x17 sheet of paper. From there, each was cut to it's unique shape and folded into a 4x4 square. As you unfold the book you find the steps in chronological order.

The exterior designs are based on traditional tie designs, created in Adobe Illustrator. The interior designs were created by hand and transfered to the computer in Adobe Illustrator.
How to Tie a Tie books, unfolded and surrounded by their corresponding ties.
The Double Windsor Knot
The Four-in-Hand Knot
The Shell Knot
The Windsor Knot
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